What a blast Lizzie and Tye’s country wedding was. The couple, the venue, and the people all left me feeling better about being human again. 

      When I first met Lizzie and Tye earlier this year I got all the right feels straight away. As we chatted about their day and what they had planned all I could think about was this venue I’d never heard of being just around the corner from me on the outskirts of Brisbane.

      Oh my this place is jaw droping-ly unique, beautiful and awe inspiring. The two massive hand built barns sit perfectly in the middle of the property with wide open views in all directions. Joined by a massive pavilion in the middle its the perfect backdrop for those intimate moments we all chose on our wedding day.

      Sparkler entrances, Pizza for dinner and stacks of partying rounded the day off perfectly for this couple and their daughter.

      It was an honour to be apart of this day and one I won’t forget soon!.